about I.U.C


With respect to the Goals set by The Chairman of the Board’s of Ukrainian and  Iran Companies with the aim of sole representation of IUC which was inaugurated in 2014, with the aim of expanding trade between Iran and Ukraine , with the help of the best and most talented people ,with long term relationship in the Trading sector . This move was in complete acceptance by the responsible people in the Ukraine Chamber of Commerce ,and furthermore , IUC was selected as the Ukraine Chamber of Commerce’s sole representative in both countries , Ukraine and … The Islamic Republic of Iran .The Ail and final Goal of IUC is to expand and intersperse the Industrial and Commercial sector of both countries to the world . Due to this respect IUC has defined different sections ,in order to deal with all of the relevant enquiries , with the help of the most prestigious and talented people , and to be able to reach their final Goal as soon as possible . The sectors to be covered are as follows :

IUC has officially announced as binding their sole representative in Iran as Asan Pardakht Company , Tehran . Who’s responsibility is to increase trade between Iran and Ukraine in the fields of Commerce and Industry . In the near future it is expected that various trade representatives of both countries will be invited the respective countries in order to expand and bring to fruit the much needed expertise , of trade for each country with expansion of Trade and Technology .