Iran – Ukrainian Corporation. Young company, founded in 2014 in Odessa.

Iran – Ukrainian Corporation. Young company, founded in 2014 in Odessa. The main purpose of the corporation is to establish a joint business cooperation between the two countries: Iran and Ukraine. Great opportunities and potentials of the two countries in the production and consumption play a major role in the establishment of international relations. International contracts, deals with the countries of America and Europe and Asia, is the result of fruitful future work of our corporation. Companies included in the different directions of the Holding IUC (Iranian & Ukrainian Co.), Among them are presented of building direction, tourism, taken separately and powerful companies on oil and oil products, the important role played in the holding digging the Advancement of Science. Education and innovative technologies used in various business areas of both production and trade specialties. Well represented segment of transport, Holding has the ability to arrange the shipment of goods from all over the world to the customer. Any possible transportation: land transport, sea, air links. Holding has also to supply the Ukraine and other countries of the world production technologies and certain equipment, price and quality which determine the best value. IUC – has a broad intellectual and productive resource in the field of agriculture. Our experts – leading scientists Iranian and Ukrainian science, business, providing large quantities for export. The main idea and purpose of cooperation – the creation of a large market base. To implement all possible, and most importantly the two countries needed to light products, heavy, agricultural industry and other services. Holding IUC is willing to cooperate with this intention and is ready to provide support in obtaining permits to conduct a business, international business visas and other accompanying papers. We are ready to cooperate and invite all interested in companies and business separately. Your decision to work with us is the right decision, so we will be able to develop the economy of the two countries, which in turn will promote the prestige and level of our countries and will enable future generations to live in a country with the best conditions.

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